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900+ Arabic Live and Timeshifted Channels The brand new ZaapTV™ HD609N is here! With our new Quad Core processor in ZaapTV™ HD609N and with a Quad Core Graphics Unit, video quality is at its best with up to 4K resolutions! Live Streaming content is available in an instant! And with our dedicated app store, ZaapTV™ Market, you can download hundreds of Apps as well as get Video On Demand content instantly with the press of a button!

ZAAPTV "X" - 2016 Model

900+ Arabic Live and Timeshifted Channels The new Quad Core processor in X by ZaapTV™ paired with the Octa Core Graphics Unit excels at providing top performance and High-Quality Live Streaming content for your enjoyment! Features don’t stop there though, you can also download hundreds of Apps from the new ZaapTV™ Market as well as get Video On Demand content instantly with the press of a button!

TP-Link AV200 Poweline Adaptor

TP-LINK's TL-PA211 powerline adapter takes advantage of your home's existing electrical wires to transfer data while simultaneously transferring traditional power. That means, with no additional wiring required, users can simply plug the TL-PA211 into existing power sockets and instantly establish a networking infrastructure. With high-speed data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps, users can enjoy HD video streaming, online gaming, VoIP or any other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.

CloodTV Brochure

Download the CloodTV Brochure.

ZaapTV - Warranty & Support Form

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A/V Cable for connecting your ZAAPTV HD509N to your old TV that does not have an HDMI port. The A/V Cable offers enhanced video and sound quality and compensates for the lack of HDMI. For use exclusively with ZAAPTV HD509N.

ZAAPTV A21 Bluetooth Airmouse

Airmouse A21 comes with dedicated buttons for the best and most used apps, PLEX™, YouTube™, Netflix™ and Skype™! Also a great gyroscope so you can use it as a mouse and control a cursor in your TV screen. The best feature of the Airmouse A21 is its full fledged, full sized keyboard on the back of the remote! Never again will you need to type one by one each letter you need! Every key you need is right on the back of the remote, in the palm of your hand. Search for YouTube videos faster than ever! Post your new status on Facebook and let your friends now what is up! Tweet and Skype even faster, right from your TV set!

ZAAPTV HD509N Remote Control

With the new full sized,completely redesigned remote, everything else you will use, will seem obsolete! Full featured for quick and easy navigation through all the channels and movies we offer! Including shortcut buttons for PLEX™, YouTube™, Netflix™ and Skype™ ! For use exclusively with ZAAPTV HD509N.